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How can this portable concrete plant
save you time and money?
  • 75 yd3 (57 m3) of Concrete Per Hour
  • No Silo Set-Up Time
  • Direct Bin Loading
  • Fast Field Set-Up
  • Single Chassis
  • Real Portability
  • Low Cost
PREEM has designed a series of portable concrete batching plants that deliver your mix materials directly into your concrete mixer truck in one step. The focus of our design efforts has been to create an affordable, single unit with highway portability, low profile, direct bin charging height and a minimum amount of set-up time.

We now offer the Preem advantage 101 series of portable concrete batch plants. These plants are second to none for ease of portability and production of quality concrete mix.

Our concrete batch plants have proven to be a valuable asset to a wide variety of companies since 1993. Customers in Canada, the United States and South America have been able to employ this method of concrete production to their advantage and profit.

Contact us to discuss the many different configurations and options available and how we may best be able to assist you in your concrete production operations.


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